Security Script for protection Thank You Page after purchase

Use security script you can protect your product that is an important part of being a successful seller of digital products. One of precaution that you can take that can help ensure that you have as much protection as possible against unauthorized downloads is use security script. Below is instruction how you can use security script that will help minimize the chances of unauthorized downloads your products.s

Security Script for Protecting your Purchases from unauthorized access

Note - This security script is intended for use by experienced programmers. If you don't have programming experience, you should find a developer who can help you before use security script.

When a purchase has been completed, there are several values that are passed to your Thank You page, provided you have entered your “Random text for delivery link encoding” into My account page. The values that get passed are the payment identifier on PayDotCom (jvpidentifier), the time of the purchase (jvptime), the PayDotCom product item number (jvpitem) and the proof of purchase value (jvpiv).

When a customer makes a purchase, PayDotCom creates (jvpiv) value encrypts jvpidentifier, jvptime and jvpitem params. This is accomplished by using the 'Random text for delivery link encoding' that you specified in your account. Created param jvpiv then passed to you in the incoming query. You can confirm that the proof of purchase (jvpiv) is correct by using the validation script.

The security script below is a simple code for validating and extracting the jvpiv param in order to ensure and check that there was a valid purchase made before the product can be accessed.


The following code sample uses Ruby to decrypt and check the jvpiv param.